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Grades and configurations

Thorplas© ( Blue )
Non-polymeric, homogeneous, specifically developed by Thordon Bearings for high pressure applications.

  • Maximum dynamic working pressure to 31.0 Mpa ( 4500 psi ); static pressures to 45.0Mpa ( 6500 psi )
  • easily machined without affecting low coefficient of friction ( typically 0.10 – 0.17 )
  • very low wear in non-abrasive environments
  • maximum continuous service temperature of 80°C ( 176°F ) in water and 110°C ( 230°F ) dry
  • excellent dry start capability as a vertical pump bearing
  • reasonable abrasion resistance – less than Thordon elastomer grades, but better than bronze, epoxy phenolics and many other non-metallic bearing materials
  • improved chemical resistance in most chemical product categories compared to elastomeric grades

Thordon SXL ( Off-WHITE )
Excellent at dry start-up with a friction coefficient lower than other Thordon Bearings polymer grades

  • Low coefficient of friction ( typically 0.10-0.20 )
  • Higher dry PV ( Pressure Velocity ) rating than XL
  • Higher resistance to abrasion than XL in wet applications; good abrasion resistance operating dry
  • Dry start-up capability as a vertical pump bearing
  • High resistance to shock loading and vibration

Thordon XL ( Black )
Used in different industrials applications, show a similar abrasive resistance than SXL

  • Low coefficient of friction ( typically 0.20-0.25 )
  • High resistance to abrasion in dry applications
  • High resistance to shock loading and vibration

Thordon HPSXL ( Grey )
For high pressure applications, since HPSXL TRAXL is glued in a metallic housing

  • Maximum dynamic working pressure to 15.0 Mpa ( 2175 psi ) in limited motion as a homogeneous material
  • HPSXL TRAXL has maximum dynamic working pressure to 55.0Mpa (8000 psi) in limited motion
  • Lowest coefficient of friction ( typically 0.06-0.12 )
  • Moderately abrasion resistant ( lower abrasion resistance than XL or SXL )
  • High resistance to shock loading and vibration

Thordon Composite ( Yellow & Black )
A two layers bearings designed to be specifically used in highly abrasive environments

  • Used in rotating applications in abrasive water conditions such as pump and dredge bearings
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance – two or more times that of rubber
  • Significantly lower coefficient of friction than rubber
  • Higher resilience and stiffness than rubber
  • Available with either yellow polymer or metal bearing shells

Thordon Compac ( Orange )
Polymeric bushings specifically developed for marine propulsion shafts

  • Unique design that helps to develop the hydrodynamic film
  • Low friction providing easier startups
  • Water lubricated bearings that eliminates the need of using oil in the sterntube
  • No sterntube aft seal required since the water flow goes through it
  • Approved by major classification societies
  • The use a tapered keys allows inspection of propeller shaft without removal

Thorflex (Thorseals)
Flexible polymers with high mechanical strength developed for sealing applications.

  • Long life due to Thorseal polymer self-lubricating properties
  • Superior Yield strength than other seals on the market
  • High resistance to permanent deformation
  • Operating temperature from -50 ˚C (-60 ˚F) to 90 ˚C (195 ˚F)
  • Operating Pressure 0 – 15,000 PSI (0-103Mpa)
  • Custom made to fit the needs of of your specific applications
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