RMH Industries

RMH Industries

New material available from RHM Distribution

April 1st 2019

RMH Distribution is now offering 1018 bars HR from Ø1.000″ to Ø14.000″ and 1045 bars HR ANN from Ø1.500″ to Ø14.000″. 

1018 BAR HR 

  • All-purpose carbon steel;
  • Very good weldability;
  • Easy to engineer;
  • Cannot be heat treated;
  • Mechanical properties less than 1045 or 4140;
  • Economic choice for low stress applications.


  • High-carbon all-purpose steel;
  • Possible weldability with adequate preheating; 
  • Easy to engineer;
  • Can be heat treated;
  • Average mechanical properties when annealed 
  • Economic choice for moderate stress applications.


Uranie Thordon

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and Placage au chrome de Ste-foy