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Pioneers in industrial high-performance oilless and greaseless bushings

Since 40 years, Thordon has provided non-metallic bushings for many different industries. Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures the most complete selection of oilless and greaseless bearings and wear plates. RMH Industries is the exclusive authorized Quebec distributor .

Superior technical support and service provide customers with solutions that meet or exceed their expectations in many industrial applications. Depending on the application, the optimal bushing will be selected from the various grades offered by Thordon.

Thordon XL, SXL, and HPSXL and Composite (GM2401) are elastomer grade materials manufactured by Thordon that offer exceptional resistance to wear, a low coefficient of friction and excellent performance in wet or dry use (except Composite). Thor-Flex is an elastomer grade material having the same elastomer qualities but without the internal lubricant.

ThorPlas® is a new thermoplastic material developped for higher pressured bearings also offered by Thordon  Bearings. ThorPlas® was developed to significantly increase the range of applications for which Thordon Bearings can be used while retaining most of the benefits and proven performance of Thordon.

Thordon Bearings is recognized as a pioneer in the system design of high performance bushings safe for the environment. Thordon provides non-metallic bushings reliable and cost-competitive for a wide variety of industrial applications including pumps, hydro-electric, marine, water treatment, mining, pulp and paper and forestry industries. Originally developed as a high performance water lubricated pump bushing, Thordon bushings provide excellent service life, reduced noise and a low coefficient of friction providing a reliable long term and environmentally safe alternative.

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