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With a very low friction coefficient, Thordon bearings usually do not require oil or grease for their lubrication. This translates as reduced maintenance cost and safety hazards. Lubricant contamination of products and environment is eliminated. Thordon bearings products are homogeneous polymers with integrated lubricant. Lubricant being equally dispersed in the polymers, offer a low friction coefficient for the entire life of the bearings.

Wear resistant

For more than 40 years in the industry, Thordon bearings  have proven a better wear resistance than  the usuals bushing materials they replace. An extended lifespan for a specific application using Thordon bearings is the result of a lower friction coefficient, a better abrasive resistance, a better shock resistance or a combination of the above characteristics. However, the final result is always the same, improved reliability and lower operation costs.

Resilient and high impact resistance

Thordon polymer bearings show a many times superior resilient coefficient than bronze. This result in better shock and load absorption without permanent deformation for Thordon polymer bearings than what is seen in bronze and other bushing materials

Low friction coefficient

Thordon bearings polymers show a static and dynamic friction coefficients lower  than most materials usually used in industrial bearings, whatever used in a dry or wet environment. Bearings showing a low friction coefficient result in less wear due to adherence and also a softer start-up and quieter running.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion is not a concern for all Thordon products, being polymers which overcome any metallics or non-ferrous materials generally used in industrial applications. Being a perfect electric insulator, Thordon Bearings polymers won’t induce galvanic reactions

Noise reduction

A quieter work environment is an additional advantage of using Thordon Bearings. Thordon Bearings polymers absorb operation noises while metallic bearings even amplify the same noises.

Chemical resistance and higher temperature

Thorplas© bearings is used in industrial applications where temperatures are up to 80°C ( 176°F) and also show a better resistance to chemical products than other Thordon polymers. Thorplas© perform well also when minimum clearances are required at installation. 

Easy machining

All Thordon Bearings are easy to machine at required sizes. Sleeves or expensive shafts replacements are often not necessary since you can machine the bearings to compensate damage or wear. This is usually impossible with other bushings material since they are mold to exact standard sizes with no surplus material for external or internal machining. Maintenance and industrial responsibles acknowledge that onsite machining of bearings lower inventory and downtime. A software called Thordon Bearing Sizing Calculation Program is a simple and effective tool to determine exact machining sizes.

High abrasive resistance

Where operations environment is abrasive, Thordon Bearings polymers offer better longevities, mostly due to its polymeric structure. Thordon Bearings eject abrasive particles by allowing them to make their way within the clearance between the shaft and bushing without embedding them in the materials thus minimizing wear. For highly abrasive application, Thordon Bearings Composite grade used in conjunction of constant water lubrication is recommended. Thordon Bearings Composite© grade proven to be 2 to 3 times more abrasive resistant than other bearings materials.

Axial load

Axial loads are often the result of minor misalignments or shaft deflection. Thordon Bearings polymers absorb minor deflection which distribute the load evenly. Intense local pressure is then minimized which eliminate superficial vitrification seen in more rigid bearings.

Existing bushings conversion

Worn metallic or encapsulated bushings can be replaced by Thordon bearings polymers. Possibility of onsite gluing of Thordon Bearings may reduce costs.

Easy installation

After machining at recommended sizes for interference fits, Thordon Bearings can be easily installed by pressing only or by freeze shrinking. Dry ice or liquid Nitrogen can be use to shrink Thordon Bearings, however Thorplas© shouldn’t be immersed in liquid Nitrogen. When warming up to their normal operating temperature bushings will develop an interference fit. Expensive process or equipments are not necessary.

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