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URANIE- Chrome bars

Recognized worldwide, the chrome bars manufactured by Uranie International are used by major machinery manufacturers around the world. Offering corrosion resistance superior to the competition and a unique manufacturing method, Uranie bars are an absolute guarantee of quality. Offered in imperial or metric measurements, in regular chrome finish or with induction, the large inventory held by RMH Distribution allows you to obtain the best product available in an ultra-fast time frame.

  • Best straightness in the industry
  • Superior corrosion resistance - 120 hrs classe 10 / 312 hrs classe 9
  • Unparalleled quality of steel and chrome
  • Unique manufacturing method
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Excellent weldability

Benefits of URANIE chromed bars

Type of steel used

  • Made from hot-rolled steel and not cold-rolled like North American bars. Uranie imposes on itself the important step of peeling to the required diameter unlike the competition which relies on the material received from the steel plant. Benefit: better straightness during processing to the final product and better metallurgical quality
  • Cold-rolled bars have a lot of internal stresses that are released during induction hardening. This causes stem deformation and uneven quality problems from heat to heat.
  • Uranie bars allow equipment manufacturers to use tighter tolerances in their design and therefore reduce premature wear.


  • Uranie:  0.010'' on 5 feet
  • Competition:  0.025'' on 5 feet

Superior Induction

  • The Uranie bar contains more manganese and vanadium than North American bars.  Benefit: deeper induction hardening and better machinability

Corrosion resistance

  • Uranie:  class 10 – 120 hrs / class 9 – 312 hrs
  • Competition:  class 10 – 48 hrs

Thalachrome S Series - Chrome Stem Only

  • Available in 38MnVS6 (1045 equivalent) and 42CrMo4V (4140 equivalent)
  • Imperial and metric diameter

Thalachrome SI Series - Chrome stem with induction

  • Available in 38MnVS6 (1045 equivalent) and 42CrMo4V (4140 equivalent)
  • Imperial and metric diameter